On-Call Biological Monitors (posted on 5/15/2016)

Buena Vista Environmental Consulting, Inc. is currently seeking on-call employees to assist with general monitoring on construction projects in Southern California. Experience with the flora and fauna of the Southwestern United States is required, and permits to handle endangered species are a plus. Previous consulting experience in Southern California is highly recommended, and those with a previous background in research will be considered based on demonstrable experience in the field. Please send resumes to info@buenavistaenvironmental.com

Subcontractors (non-employee, continuous solicitation)

If you are a independent biologist operating a for-profit company (i.e., sole proprietor [1099], corporation, or limited liability company), and possess insurance and applicable licenses/permits, and wish to be added to our subcontractor list, please contact us at info@buenavistaenvironmental.com.

Teaming Opportunities

We are always seeking partnerships with environmental consulting firms and independent consultants to collaborate on future projects and responses to Requests for Proposals (RFPs). 

If interested in teaming with us, please contact info@buenavistaenvironmental.com